A "50 foot high" geyser of water gushed out of the ground in Halesowen after a water main burst this morning.

The gushing water was on the the junction between the Hagley Road and Rosemary Road spraying water and broken tarmac over the road.

The Hagley Road has been closed off due to the incident.

The water is believed to be due to a burst water main and Hagley Road resident Thomas Underhill's house was covered in water.

He said: "It looks as if a water main has broken and the wind was blowing the water over our house and other properties.

"The water people have come along and turned it off so there was no major damage."

News reader Dave Hazlehurst managed to take a photo of the water this morning.

He said: "Water has either broken a drain or the road itself on the junction between Hagley Road and Rosemary Road and caused a high 'waterfall' around 50 feet high.

"Tarmac has been sprayed all over the road."

Passengers of the 4H, 142, 192 and 244 buses in Halesowen have been warned of delays by Network West Midlands.