A TIPTON thief caught with wheels and engine parts stolen from an Oldbury motor cycle racing team was rumbled when he was caught trying to sell them on Ebay.

The racing team's owner's son spotted them for sale on ebay and got in touch with Simon Pugh pretending to be a customer for the expensive wheel.

When Pugh produced them he immediately recognised them as being taken from Broadwell garage.

The wheels were valued at £550 and they were in a haul that included a £1,000 engine and a £150 satnav system.

Mr Mark Rees prosecuting told Wolverhampton Crown Court that burglars who raided the garage which was used by the racing team had got away with "a lot of property."

Pugh, aged 26, of Alexander Road, admitted handling stolen goods and he was given a six month jail term suspended for a year.

He was further told he must carry out 250 hours unpaid work in the community and to pay £550 towards the costs of the prosecution.

Recorder Tina Landale told Pugh he had clearly taken on the stolen property which had undoubtedly left the business under

financial pressure. "You were trying to make money for yourself by selling these goods on Ebay."

Mr Rees said that after his arrest Pugh told police officers he had bought the motor cycle party but he refused to name the

seller out of "fear."