PERRYFIELDS Primary School is building a brand new extension as it prepares to double in size by 2020.

The new block will enable the Oldbury school to provide education and care for children from 8am until 6pm every school day.

The school, which draws its pupils from Oldbury, Quinton and Halesowen, is expanding from a single form to a two form entry school.

There are currently 210 children at the school and 32 nursery places but this will increase to 420 pupils and 32 nursery places by 2020. Staff numbers will increase from 18 full time staff and nine part time positions to 30 full time staff and 18 part time positions.

A Sandwell Council spokesman said: "The construction of the new classrooms will provide more school places for local children allowing parents to choose to send their children to a local school.

"The management and running of the extra class rooms will provide teaching opportunities and jobs for ancillary staff to work in the school."

The new extension block will provide an additional seven classrooms, studio and practical space, group rooms, offices, staff room and toilets. A memorial garden will have to be moved elsewhere on the site to make way for the building to be built on the north end of the current campus.

The spokesman added: "The proposals for the new block have been prominently displayed in the school hall and parents and the local community have been invited to comment on the proposals.

"Feedback from the display was mixed with the main point of concern was an increase in traffic would compound the problems already experienced at ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times."

A 45 space car park will now be built as well as improvements to the access road from Apsley Road.

The school has drawn up a travel plan to ensure more children walk to school to tackle obesity and ease traffic problems.