A GRATEFUL pensioner has donated garden furniture to the Cradley Heath residential care home which cared for her sister.

Brenda Brooks was so impressed with the care her mentally handicapped sister Freda received at Pedmore House she wanted to make a gesture of thanks.

Brenda, aged 73, joined carers and management at the Corngreaves Road home on Monday for a ceremony.

She said: "My Freda was in homes since she was 22 and was never given the love that she got during the last year of her life at Pedmore House.

"She died last December and I wanted to do something in her memory and to say thanks to all the lovely carers who loved her."

She added: "I am only a pensioner so I cannot afford a lot but thought the garden furniture would be perfect so the residents can enjoy the sun in the garden.

"There are so many awful stories about care homes in the news now so I wanted to stand up for the staff at Pedmore House, if I ever have to go into a home I want to go there."

Cradley Heath and Old Hill Councillor John Tipper attended the ceremony.

He said: "There have been a lot of horrifying stories about care homes recently, but I hope Brenda's gesture shows that most people who work in them try hard to provide the quality of life people deserve.

"At Pedmore House, at least, the mutual affection between staff and residents was obvious."