THERE is shortage of lollipop men and women in Halesowen.

Dudley Council need to fill five vacancies to help children get to and from school safely.

Lollipop patrols are needed for Huntingtree Road, Whittingham Road, Rosemary Road, Portsdown Road and Carters Lane.

John Millar, director of urban environment, said: “The school crossing patrol service is a long standing service provided by the council and is a really rewarding job.

“We work hard to encourage families to walk to school as a safe and healthy option, and our patrols play a huge part in this."

He added: “If anyone would like to apply for one of these part time posts I would urge them to get in touch.”

Lollipop men and women operate all over the borough to encourage children and families to walk to school and provide support in crossing the road.

Dudley’s service recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.

The posts are all part time ranging from five to seven hours a week at the beginning and end of the school day.

People can apply online via