A LIPPY Halesowen beauty product entrepreneur who gave the BBC Dragon's Den a bit of cheek before being thrown off the show is laughing now after his sales have topped £1 million a month.

John Richardson pitched his organic botox style face cream to the Dragons, which has been on sale for two years, but his new lip plumper has been flying off the shelves after being launched this month.

The Richi Brown lip plumper is designed to make women's lips bigger and lasts at least four hours - about the same time as an average night out

He said: “The new Richi Brown lip plumper is being bought across the world now and it is amazing to top £1 million's worth of sales a month, I'd love to meet the Dragons now.

"Women love that our lip plumper does what it says and is an environmentally friendly and organic way to look beautiful."

The 41-year-old added: "The Dragons were scathing and simply didn’t seem to understand the science behind my product and they certainly did not get my Black Country humour.

"The reaction I got from the Dragons could have left most people on the floor but it spurred me on all the more to prove them wrong."

The Halesowen businessman is now delighted the the Dragons did not invest in his business.

He said: "It was a massive struggle to raise the investment I needed to launch the business but now I do not have to share it with anyone.“ "In the end they did me a favour. The Dragons said no, but the world is saying yes.”

For more information about John’s visit www.richibrown.com.