A JEALOUS Oldbury mother has been jailed for 11 years after she tried to have her partner killed when he went cold on her wedding plans.

Balbir Kaur, aged 43, told her son Manvir Singh she wanted Samson Masih dead, and he assembled a ‘mob’ to carry out a ferocious attack on the 37-year-old, who “miraculously survived” from his terrible injuries.

Judge James Burbidge QC said Mr Masih had told Kaur he wanted to slow down their relationship before considering marriage, which led to her developing “hatred” for her partner.

“Maybe you felt he was stringing you along and had no intention of marrying you,” the judge told the mother of three. “You had a genuine belief he was not acting in an honourable way.”

Wolverhampton Crown Court was told Kaur knew when the victim was coming to her home and told her son who arranged an ambush.

Both men arrived at the flat in Alfred Gunn House, in Thompson Road, Oldbury, after Kaur told Singh: “Come and kill him”.

Singh grabbed the unsuspecting victim round the neck and carried out a “ferocious” beating, armed with a machete and an iron bar.

Mr Masih was set upon by Singh and four other men, who have not been tracked by police.

The judge said Singh had followed his mother’s demand that Mr Masih be killed, with “gusto and venom”.

Mr Masih was in a coma for some time and suffered physically and psychologically from his injuries, after being left for dead on October 12.

“It is miraculous he survived and lives,” said the judge, who told Singh the attack had been merciless and ferocious.

Barry Grennan, defending Kaur, a woman with previous good character, said she felt she had misused by people in the past, contributing to this offence.

Gurdeep Garcha, defending Singh, whose previous convictions for violence involved a hammer attack on a man, described him as a troubled individual.

“It was his affection for his mother that led to the appalling violence,” said Mr Garcha. “He loves his mother and he thought he was doing the right thing by her.”

The jury heard Kaur had told a number of “wicked” lies to her son about the way she felt she had been treated by Mr Masih.

Kaur, who pleaded not guilty to soliciting murder, was convicted by the jury after they considered the evidence against her.

Singh, her 22 year old son, of Green Lane, Walsall, denied attempted murder but he was found guilty by the jury. The judge jailed him for 17 years.