AFTER being blighted by litter and fly-tipping, an overgrown Belle Vale path has been taken down and tidied up by dedicated members of the community.

Amara Betts-Patel, who is about to head off to university, had got sick of how a wooded pathway near Banners Street had been allowed to become a state, so she took matters into her own hands.

Amara wanted to make a difference, so after taking several photos of the walkway and discussing options with ward councillor Ian Cooper, she decided to organise a clean-up and litter pick.

Cllr Cooper arranged for the council to trim back the overgrown trees on the pathway, which is a valuable lifeline connecting residents on Banners Street with the Highfields estate and local shops.

Amara then coordinated with Dudley Council and, using social media, organised for a group of Halesowen labour members and residents to attend the clean-up.

The litter pick was hailed a huge success, with volunteers clearing the pathway and woods of debris, altogether collecting 23 bags of rubbish, as well as fly tipped building debris, car wheels, a push chair and a child’s car seat.

Amara said: “I was really proud of the difference we made to the community with our litter pick.

“Thanks to the hard work of not only volunteers from Halesowen labour but also local people on Banners Street, the pathway is now much safer, easier to access, and a much more pleasant route to walk through.”

Ian, who was effusive about the impact of Amara and her clean up squad, added: “This is why I take my team out at least twice a week in the local community.

“By meeting people, we can uncover issues that really matter which we can then solve on a local level.

“Amara’s commitment is to be highly commended and I am proud to have such a talented team connecting with the people of our constituency.”