The speaker at our meeting this month was Mike Jones the beekeeper. His talk bees and honey was very informative and amusing.

A beehive consists of three types of bees.

The worker bee who is the female and works 24/7 and only lives about 42 days she goes out all day collecting pollen and nectar which she stores in sacks attached to her legs until she goes back to the hive once back in the hive she deposits her collection of the day then carries on with her duties which is keeping the hive clean and tidy, a beehive is very sterile the bees always goes outside to toilet.

The drone is the male bee, who is very lazy his only purpose in life is to mate.

The queen bee is most important and lives for 3 years she is cosseted Fed and watered well and truly pampered, because if the queen dies then the whole colony dies too bees increase by swarming when a new queen is born the old queen has to move out hence the swarming.

Mike bought some of his home produced honey which members were able to purchase, honey is usually collected twice a year, honey is very good for you and is sterile so never goes out of date, it is also a good antiseptic.

We thanked Mike for his talk and good evening was had by all.