TWO students of Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster, have been offered places at the University of Birmingham's prestigious Physics Experience Week 2014, being held next July.

Jennifer Bateman and Alexa Wittkop, of year 11, said they were "delighted" to have been accepted for the week, at the Physics and Astronomy department of the university, which was looking for individual students committed to studying A levels in physics and mathematics.

They also had to be able to demonstrate from their previous academic studies they had the ability to apply themselves to university-level physics and communicate their enthusiasm for the subject. Only 24 places were available.

Holy Trinity head of science, Judith Mackie-Smith, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for both students, who will give maximum commitment and greatly benefit from their increased knowledge, as well as enjoying a taste of university life. The week is so interesting I wish I was able to attend myself. This is an amazing opportunity for both Jenny and Alexa and one which will certainly enhance their learning.”

Each day the students will be involved in a mixture of talks, workshops and activities, encountering such topics as particle physics and the Large Hadron Collider, gravitational waves, astrophysics and imaging with antimatter, as well as the prospect of interacting with academic staff and current students.

“The two students were both very enthusiastic and keen to attend and, given the contact we have had with Mrs Mackie-Smith and Holy Trinity in the past, and her own enthusiasm to make links with the university department to enhance the students' learning, we decided we could offer two places to Holy Trinity School this year,” said Lynne Long, of the university.