Dear Editor

I sometimes wonder what planet Cllr Ken Turner lives on! At the Halesowen Area Committee (Wednesday, November 7) views were sought by the Labour Group over whether Halesowen Area Committee should be replaced with one forum, making it the largest in Dudley MBC or whether Halesowen should have two forums matching the size of the other Dudley forums.

Having consulted Halesowen councillors and residents, Dudley Labour was persuaded to agree with Cllr Turner and there will therefore be one Forum to replace Halesowen Area Committee.

The whole point of the change is to get away from the current “councillor talking shop” and to start listening to Halesowen residents. If we had ignored Cllr Turner’s advice would he have been happier?

I doubt it!

Hilary Bills Cllr Halesowen North