The beautiful place that is Haden Hill Park has finally succumbed to the ravages of an ever growing group in society known as the dogwalkers.

What was intended as a calm relaxing retreat, where folk could stroll in peace amongst the wonderful trees and plants and children could play safely, has now become the territory of the furry terrorist.

It would seem that the myth of “the responsible dog owner” is just that - a myth. The number of uncontrolled dogs that are seen running loose in the park and also on the road outside, is totally unfair to those who wish to walk in the park without having one of these four-legged faeces producers bounding towards them.

How ludicrous is the oft heard shout of, “don’t worry, he won’t hurt you, he only wants to play” as the coat that you are wearing is dirtied by paws placed firmly on your person.

And, to add insult to injury, when leaving the dog owners use local householders’ driveways to turn their vehicles round.

I ask all dog-owners to have a more considerate attitude to the leisure areas that are there for everyone to enjoy.

John Parker, Cradley Heath