Shame on Mr White for his war on our accent

12:20pm Thursday 21st November 2013

In reference to your article about the head teacher of Colley Lane Primary School.

How dare the head teacher at our local school say that the children who live here should alter the way in which we speak, how dare he suggest that its because of their accents that the children who attend the school cannot speak very well.

It is not their accents that's the problem it is their parents who put those children in front of computer games and computer screens at such a young age.

I am 42-years-old and I attended Colley Lane School as did my mother before me, I am very proud of where I live and very proud of my accent, it has not held me back in anyway, I own my house, I own a car and have never been unemployed.

Kids who went to school with me have gone on to be teachers, accountants and have and still serve in the armed forces.

Mr John White should just wake up to where he chooses to teach, does he tell the foreign children at the school not to speak in their accents?

Does he hell he would be sent to hell and back if he told a polish youngster not to speak with an accent.

I would like to tell Mr White what I told my English teacher at my high school (English that I passed with flying colours) when he told me that I should speak the Queen's English: "If the queen lived in Cradley she would speak as I do...."

Tracy Cochrane


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