My 80-year-old mother had a nasty fall, on the path outside the chip shop next to Blackheath market, whilst out shopping with my brother and me on Saturday.

She was badly shaken and suffered injuries to her head and hand which warranted an overnight stay in hospital.

We were all surprised, and deeply touched, by the number of people who came to our assistance - passers by, staff and customers from the chip shop and another business owner from across the road who came to us with his first aid kit.

I would estimate that about 20 people showed their concern and offered help. I would particularly like to thank the chip shop staff and two young girls, I guess around the age of 17years, who took it upon themselves to use their mobile phones to ring for medical advice and offered their phone for us to speak to medical practitioners.

Young people in this age group often get very bad press but these two girls deserve high praise for their care and initiative. I do not know the names of any of these people, but would like to thank each and every one for their care. They know who they are and should feel very good about themselves.

I can report that my lovely mother is now back home and making a good recovery and would be grateful if you would acknowledge the kindness of so many people via your newspaper.

Yours sincerely, Jayne Pickford