I was a resident of Hillwood Road for 34 years and strongly objected to the development of the Coombeswood Green Wedge.

St Modwen were granted a planning application for a Sports and Social Club disguised as a cricket club, once this application was granted I took immediate steps to move away from a home I had enjoyed for all those years knowing it was only a matter of time before further development took place.

The problem Dudley have now is a non permitted development has been allowed, setting a precedent, making refusing a subsequent application difficult.

Giving Dudley Council a 50 years lease on the section of the wedge that was the former landfill site is sound business sense, no one knows what is buried there and environmental issues would prevent any development of this site for well in excess of the 50 year lease. Congratulations to Dudley Planners the wool was pulled over your eyes by a company that promised so much and are now breaking those promises .

Fortunately now my back garden is next to a nature reserve and we are back to enjoying a green outlook.

Roy Jones, Kidderminster.