I hope I am not too late in writing to your paper in support of the Somers Sports and Social Club.

I fully agree with Mick Kenna. It would be a national and local disgrace to fall into the hands of unscrupulous greedy profiteers such as Folkes, whoever they are.

It is all down to greed and the desire to make even more money than they already have at the expense of the people in Halesowen who have enjoyed this wonderful club and all its facilities.

People in Halesowen have been too complacent and not enough of them have made their voices heard.

Not enough support until it is too late and the faceless money men have won.

Maybe they will wake up when they see another McDonalds, Lidl, Tesco or Netto store on the site where our wonderful Somers Club once stood but will soon just be a distant memory.

Have you forgotten Hayley Green Hospital?

I have seen ancient buildings destroyed for profit, backhanders given to local councillors who approve the destruction of our heritage in order to make a fast buck for themselves.

What has Sylvia Heal actually done about this important matter?

She has never managed to save the schools that were under threat of closure while thousands made fruitless profits.

I am so angry that we are about to lose one of the best remaining facilities in Halesowen.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the friendliness of the bar staff, the way the club was run by Pete and his family, we will never see their like again.

Also the bowling green in the summer and siting with our drinks watching the children play. All a distant memory if this lovely club is reposessed. Walter Somers must be spinning in his grave.

Kate Bennett, Halesowen