IWAS dismayed to read the article: Disabled ramp is an ‘eyesore’ (News, November 17).

Able-bodied councillors decried the ramp and handrail, which was installed by the council to give less-able people the opportunity to lay wreaths and pay their respects at the well-attended Remembrance Service.

To describe this facility as a “monstrosity that has desecrated the listed monument”

is an absolute disgrace and councillor Ann Shackleton, should be ashamed of herself.

I was at the service, as I am every year, and saw a wheelchair- bound veteran use the ramp to lay his wreath, accompanied by a member of his family. Wreaths are generally only laid by officials, but after the ceremony, many people used the ramp to access the war memorial.

I note that councillor Barbara Price is vowing to complain to the council.

Perhaps the renovations made a few years ago should have taken into account that the steps provided should be safe and made wide enough for wreath-layers to access.

If this had been the case, then there would have been no need for the Royal British Legion to campaign for necessary access.

I also consider it most inappropriate for Cllr Shackleton to criticise the colours that were used as I was told they are the colours of the Royal British Legion.

Emma Dean Rowley Regis