THE time has come to establish that there is more than one councillor in Blackheath. Two others work tirelessly for their electorate without the prestigious title of ‘secretary to the blackheath traders’.

As Deputy Mayor of Sandwell, I had the honour of switching on the lights in Blackheath with Father Christmas.

It was a real pleasure to be present at such a well-organised, colourful, active, happy and well-attended event.

The children were a joy to be with and obviously enjoyed the event, especially when they had the chance to appear on television.

The organisers helped to put Blackheath and Sandwell on the map when they arranged for Father Christmas to present the weather forecast with weather girl Lucy Kite.

Is it not time that some thanks are given to Sandwell Council for the funds that enable the event to happen?

Congratulations to everyone involved in the lights switchon.

The Christmas lights certainly cheered all of us up.

Councillor Ann Shackleton Deputy Mayor of Sandwell