IFULLY support Dudley Council’s attempt at rubbish collection and recycling and, although it could be improved on, I adhere to the rules – separating the recycling and sticking to the three bin bag limit.

If Ihavemore, I take it to the tip, like most people in our very sociable neighbourhood.

However, we nowseem to have a new addition to the already long list of antisocial cretins that are plaguing and blighting our society – The Midnight Bin Man.

This chap creeps around after dark dumping bags of his unwanted rubbish on the drives of other residents due for a refuse collection the next day, thereby exceeding their permitted three and resulting in refuse being left uncollected and for someone else to deal with.

Iamsick and tired of the litter and anti-social behaviour from this thoughtless person.

Our neighbourhood is watching for you.

B Williams Halesowen