We trust the voters in Belle Vale ward will not be duped by the outrageous comments about the closure of Halesowen Fire Station and the reduction in Fire Tenders in the latest newsletter from the Conservatives (Belle Vale Matters).

The Conservatives know full well that these reductions in the fire service for this area are a direct result of the massive cuts in public expenditure which their party supports. James Morris MP has a section in the newsletter and he voted for the cuts which have filtered down to the fire station.

Mr Morris applauds the Conservatives' bank levy but the Green Party supports the financial transactions tax which would raise much more money from the bankers and could make the difference in keeping the fire station open.

When a political party seeks to win an upcoming election (May) by a combination of opportunism and hypocrisy over the fire station, this ought to rebound against them. We hope the voters will act accordingly.

Finally, we are surprised and concerned to see, in the same newsletter, an "Update from Insp. Mick Palmer". It is surely unwise for a serving police officer to identify himself with a specific political party by contributing to their political newsletters, especially at a time when the Levinson enquiry is implicating public officials.

John Payne & Dennis Neville, Dudley Green Party, Halesowen 22, Loughton Grove/43, Wall Well