So James Morris' legal challenge to save our fire station came to nothing. No surprises there - although it did give James Morris many newspaper inches pretending to be against the cut, whilst he is quite happy to vote with his Tory chums in voting through the biggest cuts programme ever.

However, the bigger disappointment came from Labour.

Despite Halesowen Labour Party activists joining residents and local trade unionists in campaigning to keep the fire station open, all Labour councillors on the West Midlands Fire Authority voted to close Halesowen Fire Station.

Again, should we be surprised when Labour nationally now agrees with the cuts and states it won't reverse any.

If we are to defend our public services from cuts, schools from being privatised via academy status or save our NHS from the Tories we need a political voice opposed to austerity.

No wonder trade unionists at the civil servants PCS conference are set to discuss whether they should stand candidates in future elections.

If we are to stop the cuts do we need to boot the cutters out of office?

Which fire station will be closed next?

Should firefighters strike or occupy to defend their service?

The one lesson from the closure of Halesowen Fire Station is - don't trust the Tories or Labour to save your fire station.

Tony Barnsley 59 Cherry Tree Lane Halesowen West Midlands