THEfrontpagearticleon the plans to bulldoze Cradley Heath’s Municipal Buildings (News, March 8) leaves me speechless.

This building came from a prime period of design and building, yet it is now to become a pile of rubble.

If the building is in such a sad state of repair to not make it viable to repair, it does not say a lot for the peoplewho have allowed this to happen.

I believe that the leisure centre already uses part of the grounds as overflow parking and there must be periods of time when the leisure centre is under-used.

If this site is to be converted into a major car park, what is to be the total cost of the demolition and works needed to provide this car park? Also, has thought been given to access and egress on this road junction.

We are constantly being told of a lack of affordable housing. Could this building not then have been converted for such use either by the council or a housing association?

So many schools recently have been condemned as falling down, particularly those built during the 1950s and 1960s.

This surely is due to poor maintenance, exactly as in the Municipal Buildings.

This doesn’t say much for the political leaders voted for by the public, nor for everyone from the chief executive downwards.

If older buildings are not worth saving, then why has somuch been spent on bringing private housing up to scratch?

Len Hales Cradley Heath