THE article on on Dudley Council’s plan to roll out more kerbside recycling says we “could” be having kerbside collections of plastic bottles and cardboard (News, March 15).

The story tells of Councillor Les Jones’ delight at how residents have “responded to being giventhechanceto recyclemore of their household waste”.

As someonewho spendsmany hours talking to Halesowen residents on the doorstep, I would say this is hardly surprising since residents have been crying out for better recycling opportunities for years.

I don’t know why Cllr Jones is proud of the council’s record, he obviously doesn’t check what ishappeningin neighbouring authorities or around the country.

I believe one of the council’s priorities should be to make Dudley a cleaner, greener and more environmentally-friendly place to live and work.

This decision is too little too late, if it ever happens at all.

Remember, the devil is in the detail – it only “could”


Hilary Bills Halesowen North Labour Candidate