I read with interest your report headlined "Battle over exit at Asda" in which Mr Ashman was asking for some compensation from Asda when his wife "scraped" their car on the barrier in Asda car park.

Unfortunately, I did exactly the same thing last November and spoke to both Asda Halesowen and their head office asking them to do something about the barrier (I also have a vehicle with a large turning circle) before other accidents happen. They refused to accept there was any problem stating that there thousands who use the car park and there were a only a small number of accidents had been reported adding that if there was a problem with the barrier then the Asda staff who use the car park would have said "something" about it before now. At first I spoke to the council car parking office when I had my accident thinking it was their responsibilty but they advised it was Asda's responsiblity and commented that numerous people had "clipped" the barrier.

Technically the accident was my fault and I 've had to pay money to have two doors repaired.

How many other users of the car park have had a problem? By looking at the barrier there appear to be a different coloured paint every time I use the car park Asda please do something! I appreciate there has to be some deterent to slow traffic coming down from the car park but the "bulge" is not the answer.

Edwin Metcalf Halesowen