Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best cheesy Christmas crackers

By Peter Jenkinson

With Christmas almost upon us, it is inevitable that you'll have a handful of hard-to-buy-for friends and family.

But the online aisles can stock one-off items that'll even excite those who have everything.

Here's a guide to some of the "cheesy" gifts available, which are likely to cause glares of both envy and delight come December 25.

St Nick's Sweater - The World's Best Christmas Jumpers Ever - £49.99 from

Until a few years ago, it was unacceptable to be seen out in a Christmas-themed jumper, but there has been a revival of these garments and now they're a must-have for the party season. This eye-catching winter warmer is about the best around - and it's guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Canned Christmas - HotCan - £3.99 from

Do you loathe pan juggling on the big day? To take the stress out of cooking a Christmas dinner, you can just pierce a few holes into the top of this self-heating can and in about 12 minutes your dinner is served. This ridiculously convenient food is a tasty turkey casserole with all the trimmings - now what's for pudding?

Three Cheers - Santa Moustache Mug - £4.99 from

Select your appropriate brew according to the time of day, don your Santa hat and then lift this mug to the lips to cause a stir wherever you are. Far easier than growing a big white moustache, this ceramic 300ml mug is ideal for raising a few laughs at home and in the office.

Arctic Delicacy - Reindeer Pate - £15.99 from

This tin is likely to raise a few eyebrows. The rich pate is made from farm-raised reindeer and will make an unusual, indulgent addition to any Christmas buffet.

No Crust - Christmas Chocolate Pizza - £16.50 at

The greatest part of giving gifts is the sharing of the spoils, right? So it's only fair that all the family should tuck in and delight their tastebuds with a slice of this scrumptious chocolate creation. Presented in a pizza delivery box, it's made with milk chocolate honeycomb balls and vanilla fudge.

Memory Mates - USB Flash Drive Heroes - from £14.99 at

This penguin-fashioned USB comes with 2GB of memory - just pop off its head and download your data. The others in the range including a festive reindeer, which has a more substantial brain of 4GB. That should be more than enough for all your personal storage needs, and they make a great gift for the techie in your life.

App of the week - YPlan - Free on iTunes

This new app aims to put the spontaneity back into Londoners' lives. This last-minute event marketplace offers users access to some of the best events happening in the capital on that night and that night only. There's a choice of gigs, theatre shows and clubs - and you can book in two simple taps.