Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best crease removers.

By Peter Jenkinson

Little can be more unsightly than crease-ridden clothing.

But as chores go, ironing must be the least favoured of all.

So here's a number of devices to make light work of the ironing pile - or creating it, and ensure you make the best first impression.

Pile driver - Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron - £179.95 from Ready to go in under two minutes, this almost industrial-like machine is for bigger loads, but, with a 2.2ltr water tank, it allows you to iron for up to two hours without a refill. It's a powerful steamer, giving up to five bars of pressure, making for quick work. Also, it can be used vertically, so you can sort out the curtains while they're in situ - a great all-rounder.

Switch on - Philips PerfectCare Xpress - £119.95 from With this pressurised steam iron, there's no need to stress about adjusting the dial to get the plate at the correct heat for each of your garments. Whatever the material, this very clever device comes with an optimal temperature setting, so you can carry on almost seamlessly from satin to denim. Perfect, burn-free results every time.

Stage one - LG F1495BDS TrueSteam 12kg Load - £1,179 from This large-capacity machine can cope with bulkier loads and it is ultra-energy efficient, with one of the best ratings around. The steam power gives a superior clean and once-worn items of clothing can be popped for a 20-minute refresh and crease-removal session. With six-motion technology - tumble, filtration, scrub, swing, rolling and stepping - this machine offers more than your standard washer.

Space saver - Living Folding Ironing Board - £54.99 from If you take a peek at the online aisles, you'll see there's a vast amount of ironing boards available. The evolution of the ironing board is long overdue, so this space-saver, which folds neatly in half when not in use, is perfect for clutter-free homes. It's sturdy too.

Perfectly formed - Hinari IIN106 Travel Iron - £9.99 from This ultra-compact de-creaser features a steam function and it's the perfect size to pack in your suitcase, so even when you're in foreign climes, you needn't let your wrinkle-free standards slip. A surprisingly powerful machine with foldaway handle, it comes with a carry pouch and a mini filling jug - a holiday essential.

Crease-free - Shirt Shuttle MK2 - £34.99 from Once you've put your efforts into getting a shirt perfectly pressed, it's hard to make sure all your work isn't undone when transporting it in your overnight case. With guide markers and soft rounded edges, this folding board and case is ingenious. Your shirt sits inside the tough, lightweight, waterproof case, so it's sure to stay clean and dry - plus it'll be ready to wear in no time.

App of the week: Navfree - free on iOS and Google Play If you're looking for a satnav with turn-by-turn directions, this is a superb piece of free software for your smartphone.

This updated version of Navfree features Street View, live parking finder, dynamic traffic overlays and Cyclops safety camera information, which, together with monthly map corrections from a community of more than 900,000 users, makes it about the best and most accurate navigation tool available.

Make sure you're hands-free and legal if using when driving.