ENGLAND has finally got a World Cup song it can be proud of - and it is a hip hop tune from the streets of Birmingham.

The official England song Greatest Day featuring Gary Barlow has been discreetly shelved after the Take That singer went from national treasure to national disgrace after his tax scam was revealed.

However, Jimmy Davis, has stepped into the breach and done a world cup version of his critically acclaimed 2012 song This Is England.

Capturing the forgotten side of the nation, the nation of tea and biscuits instead of champagne and prawn sandwiches, This Is England is a tune that can be sung on the terraces.

Hip hop will always have a place in England football fans' hearts after wing wizard John Barnes nailed his rap in arguably the greatest song of them all - World in Motion in 1990.

Jimmy Davis is hoping This Is England will catch fire like we all know our forward line can in Brazil.

The 32-year-old said: "Not since '3 Lions' in 1996 has a football song captured the essence of what it means to follow our national team.

"And not since John Barnes has somebody rapped with such grace on a track after all with three lions on our chest, you know we can't go wrong."

Jimmy, who works with disadvantaged youngsters in Birmingham youth centres including 3 Estates in Kings Norton, The Pump in Bordesley Green, The Vibe in Yardley, Aston's The Lighthouse and Tipton's Coneygre Centre, said: "The Gary Barlow song is a joke, they could not have picked a worse person if they tried - he is a busted flush in the public's mind.

"He is a multi-millionaire who dodges tax which would help some of the kids that I teach music too - so I thought, well I pay my tax, have probably watched more football than him so why not do my own football song."

"This Is England will get the blood pumping and the feet stomping and is the perfect way to generate the love for our national team, which is so often lamented but always loved."

Jimmy will be performing at Glastonbury again this year and is hoping England will be through to the second round of the World Cup which will land on the festival weekend.

Watch the This Is England video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou2xWradfkM&feature=youtu.be