THE unforgettable first ten seconds of Ace of Spades will always give Motorhead a home in the pantheon of rock greats.

If ever a song was made to blow the cobwebs away Ace of Spades was it and whether the song is stripped back, slowed down and played at full blast it always makes sense.

It is the type of song that could get your nan in a mosh pit, your dad smashing up the kitchen and your mom jumping through a window just for the hell of it.

After controversially leaving famous band Hawkwind, in 1975 bassist Lemmy Kilmister formed, his now legendary band Motorhead.

Apart from being a major influence, to most successful contemporary bands in the genre. During the late 70s with a fusion of punk rock and speed metal.

With many hits, the band established themselves as heavy weights on the scene. Leading into 1980, with their iconic and well known rock anthem, The Ace Of Spades. Dominating the charts during that decade, from the start, by releasing. The St Valentine's Day Massacre EP and No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith. Leading up towards the end with the release of Orgasmatron and its title single.

In 1990 the band made a move to Sony/Epic records and Los Angeles.

A year later received a, Grammy nomination for the album 1916. All this time, the band had been extensively touring and never resting. Playing with every famous rock band you can imagine and more. Also during the time, writing the title song, for the comic strip film, Eat The Rich.

At the start of the new century, they celebrated a 25 year anniversary, with no sign of letting up. With many successfull releases and tours under their belt, in 2005. They were awarded a Grammy for, Best Metal Performance, playing 20 summer festivals. As well as performing a 30th Anniversary tour, on top. The band have also had eleven tribute album recorded to them.

In 2010, the landmark documentary, Lemmy was released. Honouring his success and also his life, during this landmark history of his career. A very honest, open and frank look into the mans universe and landscape. Staying constant and never giving up, not fazed by any critiques, there aren't many by the way.

In November Motorhead, start on a massive 24 date tour. Including playing ten great UK venues, up and down the country. With metal giants Anthrax, supporting them and explosive new comers, Diaries Of A Hero. These shows guarantee an explosive element and still today a dynamite Motorhead concert.

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