CRADLEY Speedway bosses insist the future of the club is safe, whether they are successful with a new track or not.

The club held talks last week to try to move the project along, with one piece of land in particular on the radar.

The reigning National League champions are preparing for their fifth season since their relaunch, riding home meetings at Wolverhampton in front of bumper crowds.

Chairman Nigel Pearson said: “We had a management meeting last week because, to be totally frank, we are concerned by the lack of progress we have made on a new track.

“We drew up an action plan of what needs to be done next and more meetings will follow.

“There is one piece of land which we were told last week should meet planning requirements, although it won’t be plain sailing. We’ve been looking at it for over a year.

“But to get to that stage we need to gain the necessary co-operation from the landowners and until we make progress on that score there is nothing more we can do.

“This is a vital year for the management to make some progress on this venture. If we don’t get to take this further then I would have to say it’s our last throw of the dice for a new track.

“Where we go from there would be down to the supporters. The fans are the reason why we are going into our fifth season when initially we said we would give it three years.

“If the fans want a team to support then we will continue to run the club at Wolverhampton in the event of no track of our own.

“It’s quite simple in my eyes. Back the team, back the club and we will continue to do everything we can to promote a positive and professional image of Cradley Heath Speedway.

“There have been some supporters expressing concern that we will close down if we don’t get a new track. Again, that’s down to the fans and the amount who still want to see their team in action.

“At the same time, I also acknowledge we cannot stay at National League level for ever. The main reason we are at this level is because we need to be a financially viable operation in the event of us presenting our business plan to landowners.

“If, however, that option was taken away from us then we would have to think again.”

Heathens have reported impressive season ticket sales, with many applications from fans who have never had one before.

The club are staging a season ticket sales night at Cradley Heath Liberal Club this Thursday (January 23) when fans have a chance to snap up tickets at discounted prices before the January 31 deadline.

And a limited number of remaining tickets for the season launch night at the Liberal Club on March 8 will be available. Over 100 of the 150 available were sold within a week, with all profits going to the riders.