I can't be bothered to go down the Villa today.

I will go, I'm looking forward to seeing my mates, in the pub before and after, but the actual going to the game I could take it or leave it.

I've lost my season ticket again, I left it in the Crown and Cushion a few weeks ago and forgot to ask for it back after some kind patron but it behind the bar.

When I did ask for it on Thursday night, they couldn't find it, they probably threw away after it made the beer go stale.

Not wanting to go the game? I know this might surprise you, I mean a match in the world's most exciting league on my doorstep, there would be Singapore fans of the EPL would sell their liver to get a chance to be involved in this amazing league.

But blimey they would be furious if they had to sit through the dross I'm about to watch.

But the crap football is just a part of it, there will be a horrrible atmosphere down there, there are probably blokes writing McLeish Out on their bedspreads as we speak. The McLeish Out protest at the last home game was a damp squib, it couldn't lace the boots of my favourite Birmingham protest - when Prisoner C Block H fans picketed Central TV when they cancelled the Sunday night show in the early 1990s.

At the last home game one bloke had a McLeish Out sign, it was a big one, he must have a king size bed. And he got six children to hold it up, who looked about 12, what a sad introduction to football.

When I first going the Villa we were rubbish, on the crest of a slump after winning the European Cup a few years before, I was in the ground when we got relegated but I don't remember protests against Billy McNeil, when the final whistle went against Sheffield Wednesday everyone just invaded the pitch and tried to kick Lee Chapman.

It was a more innocent time then. I just want Villa fans to stay classy. But the advent of the internet and the bile it spawns is never going to happen.

The McLeish Out campaign is horrible, I understand it, in fact I predicted it would happen when he was appointed.

Football is based on emotion, reason goes out the window so hiring an ex-Blues manager who had just been relegated was always going to be a ticking bomb waiting to explode.

Why on earth Paul Faulkner even entertained the idea is beyond me, Lerner hiring him was a mistake but no-one wanted a job, they are not stupid them managers, they know success is about one thing - money. And we've got none for new players, hence no-one wanted the job.

Being told that the free-spending days were over was hard enough, selling our best players hurt to and realising the top six would be a foreign land for years sucks.

But having McLeish as manager is like the mrs walking out, losing your house and then if that is not bad enough being forced to walk round with a ball and chain on your ankle. A constant reminder how far you've fallen.

But he wont be sacked this season, no matter how many people phone up Talksport and Radio WM and say exactly the same as the week before.

The only logical way I can see him going is when the accountant in Faulkner looks at the numbers and figures he knows so much about. The numbers in particular that will make him spit out his Readybrek will be the the thousands of season tickets not renewed.

Now you know why there is that little 'buy before June and you wont be screwed' message to season ticket holders. Football now is about money, nothing else, nothing more, so if there is a massive hole in the budget because fans vote with their wallets then McLeish will be on shaky ground, for the first time.

Add to the fact that the manager was given no money and had to work with the worst group of players we've had for years meant he was never going to be successful, he was bought into settle the books after the insane financial tomfoolary of MON's time.

We have had five managers in 18 months, but by in large we have had the same players, drawing their huge wages and consitently letting us down.

The players must be delighted about the McLeish Out narrative because they are getting an easy ride.

Look at our last two away games, the line ups didn't look defensive, but in both games the players let us down, they just were not good enough. The defence is laughable. For three seasons they have been rubbish and the majority of them are still in the side.

Houllier had the right idea, he knew Warnock, Dunne and Collins were not good enough, but unfortunately he left and they stayed.

The only player I don't think who has let us down is Petrov in the last three seasons. That is the Petrov that a lot of fans used to give grief a few years ago. We look a different team with him in it, he knits the play together wonderfully and I even heard he took a pay cut to stay. Funnily enough I don't think Heskey has let us down that much.

Heskey is treated like he is the world's worst player by fans, if he wasn't a millionaire I might feel sorry for him, but he's a centre forward, why on earth McLeish, and other managers, play him in midfield is beyond me, of course he isn't going to be any good there then he gets grief from fans.

But today that in-form Russian wont be skipping around Alex McLeish to score another goal, Diarra wont be running a midfield of McLeishs and McLeish will not be too scared to shoot, it will be the players.

It is time our over-paid millionaires put in a performance.

Up the Villa.

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