Residents of Stone Cross RAVE about this chip shop like it is a part of their family. The Holly Hedge Road Fish Bar is situated right opposite Penny Hill Primary School, a prime location! From the crisp battered chips to the beautiful kebabs they do it is the perfect dinner after a long day at school. The chips have the best mix of salt and vinegar like the lovely ladies working there have perfected it like their life depends on it. 

The ladies that work there are the friendliest people ever according to the person I interviewed, they said you can't get any better than them. They even gave them sour lollies when they walked past the shop the night of Halloween in their costume. What a good memory- I think we can all agree that!

Not only mine but many people's favourite thing about this chip shop is the memories it holds. After a long day at school they used to sell amazing pink bubble gum flavoured slushies with icecream on. Trust me on this, they are the best things to ever exist.