We all have teachers that nag us to go to a trip. Some may find trips to be an exciting news while others may think of it as a waste of time and energy. Either way, there must be at least one teacher who you will encounter in life that will persuade you to come on a trip, but the main question is why are they so passionate about something so useless?

Recently, pupils from Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy Birmingham have attended the ‘Hitler on Trial’ show at the Palace theatre in Redditch. I took the opportunity to find out why trips are so important in our education system, and I will share my results with you.

Trips provide a sense of entertainment to children, and sometimes even adults, while teaching children the importance of a subject. Due to this effect, children can learn and remember more easily. In our trip, pupils had an amazing time watching the roleplay of characters from the past. The pupils remembered the roles of these characters more easily than when they have read them from textbooks.

Trips also enhance key skills that are required in a student’s future career. They provide work experiences and skills involving teamwork, problem solving, creativity, speaking and listening. All these factors are a necessity for a student to encompass, as employers will be in high demand for employees that possess these skills.

Furthermore, a school trip may also inspire future citizens to find their career. In our trip, students were discussing about political errors that were made and about how unfair politics was and still is. This determined some of us to chase our goals of becoming leaders so that one day, we can change the world for the better.

Perhaps the next time you receive a trip letter, think of what you can learn, how you will use this learning, the experiences you will face, the people who you will share this moment with and how this trip will develop you as a person.