Let's take a trip down memory lane, these are the top 10 Shows that defined childhood joy: 

Starting strong at #10 we have: Go Jetters

The animated tv series, aimed to entertain kids while also teaching them geography, you either loved it or you didnt,there was no inbetween,among the 3 series it had, this show probably taught us more useful information than a lifetime of school geography lessons! (Just kidding) 

At #9 we have: Octonauts  

This show was created to teach kids about marine life but while doing that it gave us entertainment, so much so that we forgot it was supposed to be educational (*gasp*) 

At the big ol’ #8 we have: Mr Tumble and friends 

OH, the blissful days of past, Mr tumble was an honest icon, watched by millions of kids worldwide, he never failed to make us laugh till we cried, shoutout to him!Legend. 

At #7 we have :Twirlywoos 

Honestly, this is a controversial one, personally i never liked those creatures, but the majority of kids till this day enjoy their misadventures in the real world (Yikes!) 

Nearly halfway at #6 we have: Teletubbies 

Enjoyed as kids, (terrifying now), this show follows Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po as they explore Teletubby land in this iconic children's program. Whether the show is being put on for children to stop them crying, or stirring up controversies, this show never fails to gain attention. 

At the halfway mark at #5 we have: Sarah & Duck 

This calming show is just so imaginative and soothing, just in all,fantastical.No more needed to be said (+points for intro) 

At #4 we have got: In the night garden 

Following unique characters like Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, and Makka Pakka in a dreamlike garden setting following their daily routine, from the moment they rise to the moment they drift away to sleep and all the moments in between. Only bad thing was I knew as soon as this show came on, I was going to be banished to bed soon (bummer). 

At the terrific #3 we have: Bing 

A show about a little bunny as he and his friends have fun and solve problems together, learning valuable life lessons. What more is there to say? 

Getting closer to the first show at #2 we have: Swashbuckles  

This pirate-themed game show allows young contestants to compete in various challenges and games to win jewels. The aim is to collect as many jewels as possible by completing tasks and overcoming obstacles. And come on, who didn't want to be on that show? (+ points for catchy theme song) 

And the moment you’ll all been waiting for, ladies and gents at #1 we have..................... 



This show is based on books written by Laurent Child and follows siblings Charlie and Lola as they face normal everyday problems and overcome them, this popular show is watched worldwide, and  the show is narrated by the distinctive voice of Lola as she navigates through her day-to-day life, trying to ‘survive’ as the world throws problem after problem at her (well it seems that way to her) and it is left to Charlie, her older brother to talk some sense into her (just one of the never ending duties of an older sibling) 


 If this wasn't purely for this being strictly for oldish shows, BLUEY would definitely be at #1, that show is the perfect combination of humour, life lessons and the value of family and friends (emphasis on the humour part) this show is enjoyed by kids, teens and adults alike. (coming from a Bluey enthusiast) 

-Written by Sundus Mohamud EGLA