On the 19th and 20th April, actors from the Saltmine trust, alongside a community cast, will take to the streets of Dudley in a modern re-telling of the Easter story.  


The Passion play of 2024 will be put on by the Saltmine Trust, a Christian based charity and theatre company, and will include professional actors, as well as a community cast from the local area and churches. This performance will be the fourth passion play from Saltmine, after success in Birmingham (2019), Norwich (2022) and Stafford (2023).  


The performances will begin on Friday and Saturday at approximately 12:30, ending at 14:00. Starting at the Duncan Edwards Memorial, the show will move through the streets of Dudley, beginning with Palm Sunday scenes, before moving towards the marketplace fountain. The last supper will be shown by the old glass house, before moving to coronation gardens for the crucifixion scene. The performance will end inside Dudley College’s evolve theatre.    


After speaking to Sally, a community cast member, she said "It's lots of fun and giggles! It is great to be able to take the story of Jesus to the wider community. I've also enjoyed meeting lots of different people from all walks of life, and learning to samba!"


Saltmine’s passion play is a live performance, with audiences able to follow the show through the streets of Dudley, as the modern re-telling of Easter Story unfolds. In addition to the performance, local churches are also running an Alpha course for 10 weeks after the show, held at Provisions House in Dudley. This course will begin on the 23rd of April, running between 7-9pm, and will explore the fundamentals of the Christian faith, with anyone welcome, from different faiths, backgrounds and walks of life.  


More information about the passion play and its route, including the accessibility route, can be found using the following link: https://saltminetrust.org.uk/thedudleypassionplay