THE Black Country’s Dancing Grannies are heading for New York next month where they will be teaming up with a nearly naked dance partner!

The Grannies, the brainchild of The Fizzogs comedy group, will cross the Atlantic on September 11 to strut their stuff in Times Square after a crowdfunding appeal to propel them Stateside.

Joining them in the Big Apple will be The Naked Cowboy, a busker who performs wearing just a pair of briefs and his guitar, who asked to join up with the Grannies when he learned they were travelling to New York.

Halesowen News:

Fizzog Jacky Fellows said: “He sent us an email saying he hoped we would turn up naked too. I don’t think New York would be quite ready to see the Grannies flashing the flesh but hopefully we’ll have a few surprises for them.”

The Grannies have been wanting to make the trip to the US since a video of their racy dance routine went viral and they were contacted by hundreds of new fans from America asking when they would be performing in the States.

Fizzog Deb Nicholls said: “We are just going to rock up and see how New York reacts to us. Judging by the response we’ve had so far on various websites they are ready for us.

“We hope it will open up further opportunities for us over there. We had a great reaction when we performed recently at the Bahrain Grand Prix so the Grannies’ fame is definitely spreading.”

The Fizzogs, who have their own radio breakfast show on Black Country Radio each Friday morning, have been able to part finance the trip with donations from their fans made during the recent tour of their show - Black Country Fairy Tale, Ay It.

Fizzog Deb said: “The support of our fans has been amazing but if anyone wants to make any further contributions they can do so through JustGiving page

“Our aim is to spread our love of the Black Country as far afield as we can.”