BLACK Country comedy stars The Fizzogs have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get them to Hollywood.

Deb Nicholls, Sue Hawkins and Jacky Fellows - best known for their Dancing Grannies routine which made them viral internet stars - have been working with award-winning writer and director Benjamin Field to develop a feature film script.

In December and January the project gained attention from a number of high profile film producers and distributors.

But to get the film properly funded they need to first make a teaser tape showcasing short excerpts of the script to be shown to producers and investors so they are appealing to their fans to dig deep and make a donation, large or small, towards helping to get the project off the ground.

Fizzog Deb Nicholls said: "We are relying on a lot of good will from our friends to come and work on the teaser for no financial gain and we don't intend to take any money from the pot for ourselves.

"The money we raise will go towards hiring film equipment, some mobility scooters and maybe a large explosion.

"It's a hugely exciting project.”

The girls - who met at Dudley College - have already got their own radio show on Black Country Radio, and have produced and starred in a series of successful stage shows - most recently the Wicked Wizard of Fizzog.

They even showcased their outrageous dance routine on the streets of New York last year - but their sights are now set on Hollywood.

Halesowen News:

Benjamin, who was wowed by the Grannies when he first saw them in action at Lichfield Food Festival, decided to see if he could generate some interest in a feel good film about The Fizzogs during a visit to Cannes and he added: "The response was really strong and while I don't want to mention distributors by name I certainly got some big names talking to me.

"We want to blow some mobility scooters up in the process, because who doesn't love a good slow mo granny scooter explosion."

Anyone wishing to make a donation towards the project can do so online at

Benjamin, who has worked for the BBC, won film festival awards and had an animated film distributed across the USA and Europe, added: "In return for donating there are some great rewards on offer, including some Granny pants! The downside for this appeal is that we only have another 26 days left."