LEGALLY Blonde is definitely the show to see if you're looking for a fun night out with the girls. 

Fans of the film will be pleased to hear that the plot remains the same.

With her long, blonde hair, chihuahua and penchant for pink, you would never imagine that Elle Woods would make a great law student. 

But when she puts down her credit card, picks up the books and bags herself a place at Harvard in a bid to win back her man, she discovers she capable of winning so much more - not just cases, but the respect of her peers. 

Legally Blonde is such a feel-good musical. 

The songs are all original, but so catchy (I'm still annoying everyone singing the few lines I can remember to the opener 'Omigod').

Not only are they perfectly placed in the show but they are performed so well.

Lucie Jones, who represented the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, is just incredible as Elle Woods. Her performance seemed effortless, her comic timing is spot on and she looks great in pink.

Rita Simons, best known for playing Roxie Mitchell in EastEnders seemed like she was born to play Paulette Bonafonté.

Not only can she Irish dance, do a mean bend and snap and hit the high notes but she also nailed the American accent.

One of the loudest laughs of the night was due to the beautiful British Bulldog who played Rufus, deciding to use his few seconds on stage to try and hump the legs of Rita and the UPS delivery guy her character was trying to woo.

I doubt that was in the script, but it was hilarious and they both handled it so well -  luckily, Bruisey the chihuahua behaved impeccably and was so cute to boot!

Rita isn't the only former soap star in the show, Coronation Street and Emmerdale's Bill Ward stars as Professor Callahan.

I think he channeled his former Corrie character Charlie Stubbs for this role as the  no-nonsense lawyer, who pulled in the boos when he fired Elle for dismissing his advances.

While the rest of the cast were equally as good, a special mention does have to go to Helen Petrovna, who played Brooke Wyndham, the fitness queen on trial for murder.

The scenes with the skipping rope were something else and I was amazed that she was able to avoid tripping up AND sing so well throughout - I think I would have struggled to even breathe! 

If you're looking for a show that keeps you smiling throughout, then Legally Blonde is for you.

Catch it while you can, it's on a Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre until Saturday (November 11).

For tickets, click here.