HALESOWEN College has blasted the lecturer whose sacking sparked protests and recriminations.

Yesterday (Thursday) maths lecturer David Muritu, who was the first of four to be sacked, had his appeal against dismissal thrown out by the college.

In a strong statement the college personnel advisor Rachel Mackinson set out the college’s case against Mr Muritu.

She said: “David Muritu was dismissed for his consistent failure to carry out the fundamental part of the job as a lecturer in the Maths Department, which is to ensure that students fulfill their potential and achieve their expected levels of attainment.

“The college had provided intensive support in various ways over a period of three years, engaging consultant and subject specialists. “However, David Muritu had failed to make any improvement in student attainment, and indeed the pass rate declined further over the period. “One student group which he highlighted in support of his case turned out to show that from 14 students 10 failed to pass, with all but one student attainting a pass at least one or two grades lower compared to their grades in other subjects.”

College management used students’ results to build a case against Mr Muritu and claim he consistently failed to improve results.

Miss Makinson added: “At the appeal, David Muritu claimed that his pass rates were above the national average. This claim was unfounded and the reverse was true.

“For example, in 2012 his AS performance was 19 per cent below the national average. In addition, over the last three years his AS pass rates were generally some 15 per cent below the average pass rates across the college.

“The college is patient and understanding in improving lecturers’ performance in accordance with good employment practice. “Indeed, with Mr Muritu the College gave him another chance to prove himself after he had originally failed probation in 2005 by not obtaining the required Certificate in Education qualification within the requisite period.

“It also put in place support mechanisms to help him improve student grades in recent years. Unfortunately, during this period the pass rates have been consistently and significantly below average College and national rates, which resulted in students not attaining grades which their potential deserved. It was for this reason alone that David Muritu was dismissed.”

Three other lecturers have also been sacked are awaiting appeals and the University and College Union is holding a national protest outside the campus tomorrow (Saturday) in support of the four sacked lecturers.