EXCITED pupils at a Cradley Heath school have been given a lesson by a famous visitor from the world of Doctor Who.

Nicholas Briggs, who plays the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen and other characters in the show, held a class with English and science students at Ormiston Forge Academy.

Mr Briggs has recently released a BBC fiction book called The Dalek Generation and he answered questions about the characters from over 50 pupils.

The author also judged a short story competition and awarded a signed copy of his book to winners Katie Monkton and Natasha Chifamba.

The year nine students will also go on a trip to London later in the year to attend a recording session for an audio episode of Doctor Who.

He said, "I was delighted to come and visit an academy where the students are bright, creative and very welcoming.

He said: “These young people are our future writers, directors and actors and it is important we support their efforts."

He also donated a copy of his book to the school library and signed over 100 autographs, for students and staff.

Ormiston Forge Academy Principal Andrew Burns said: "It was a pleasure to meet such a multi-talented man. Nick was able to show students that with passion and dedication they can achieve their dreams.

“I'm very grateful to Nick for giving up his time and inspiring our students."