A PLASTERER from Quinton is among 12 redundant workers hoping for a share of £60,000 compensation being sought by a union after losing their jobs in the decorating and renovation trade.

Albert McIntosh, of Tedstone Road, was one of the group who lost their jobs at Oldbury following a proposed takeover.

The union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians applied for 13 weeks protective awards for former employers, which for Mr McIntosh would amount to nearly £5,000.

Local Run Ltd, Inex Home Improvements Ltd and Midland Decorators Ltd were listed as respondents at the Birmingham Industrial Tribunal, which was adjourned until next year to help decide which firm is responsible and for more evidence.

The plasterers and decorators have been waiting almost a year for the case to be heard.

Mr McInTosh said: “We specialised in plastering and decorating mainly kitchens and bathrooms and some of us are also owed unpaid wages.”

Protective awards are another form of compensation awarded under the Labour Relations Act where a management has failed to consult with unions over forthcoming jobs loses.