TWO bent coppers have been jailed after stealing cash and cigarettes from a house they searched in Oldbury last summer.

Mark Davis, aged 30, and Neil Samuels, aged 33, who were both response officers in Sandwell, were sentenced to 20 weeks in prison.

Both PCs pleaded guilty at a hearing in February at Birmingham Magistrates Court to stealing money and cigarettes during the searches of the property in Oldbury.

The Professional Standards unit was tipped off about the pair and as a result they were subjected to an integrity test by the force’s anti-corruption officers on July 24.

Davis and Samuels, who have six and 11 years service respectively, remain suspended pending misconduct hearings.

Superintendent Tim Godwin, from the Professional Standards department, said: "Police officers take a vow to serve the public and uphold the law with fairness, integrity and impartiality.

Any that fall short of those standards, or who abuse their position, will face disciplinary action, the prospect of criminal prosecution and potential dismissal.

"As soon as the pair were suspected of acting improperly an investigation was launched culminating in the dedicated integrity test and their arrests and suspensions.

"I would like to reassure the public that we take police corruption very seriously and continue to work hard to root out corrupt officers and staff."

District Judge Robinson, said: "These were serious offences of a high level breach of trust, the police have been given powers to assist the public and investigate crime and proper use of these powers is critical.

"This offence is aggravated by the fact it was a joint enterprise and a calculated offence."