STAFF and pupils at a Cradley Heath school are celebrating food, cooking and nutrition being made compulsory.

Ormiston Forge Academy is championing good food after the Government how vital food lessons are for the health and well-being of children and young people.

The school’s lead practitioner in food technology Rebecca Potter said: “Students learn about where food comes from, how it is grown and produced, how it is prepared and cooked, and the science behind nutrition, food safety, cooking and taste.

In year seven lesson focus on healthy eating and how pupils can improve their diets. They learn a range of cooking techniques and cuisines from around the world and in year eight and by year nine they can create and modify recipes to make them tastier and healthier.

Principal, Andrew Burns said: “We think it is very important that our students develop into healthy young adults and that we do all we can to reduce the obesity epidemic through developing a love of good healthy food and an active lifestyle.”