It seems that Councillor Karen Shakespeare and James Morris MP have started their slandering campaign for the forthcoming Local and General Elections.

As usual James Morris says one thing in the constituency but votes in Westminster for the very measures which cause the problems.

He is seen often in this paper smiling at photo opportunities with the very people he is hurting by voting for the damning Tory policies that seem to hurt the poor more than the rich.

Karen Shakespeare is running scarred, being up for election, she is digging deep to find anything to attack Labour councillors and isn't she viscous in her attack, when in fact their difficulties come from Tory policies at Westminster?

What measures did the Tory-run council adopt to help people during their years running the council?

Get real the Shakespeare and Morris campaign, work for the good of all your constituents and stop attacking the opposition. The people of Halesowen and Rowley Regis will see through it.

Anne West