With regard to the “residents only” 24 hours parking – with permit – at the Causeway, Blackheath.

This is a farce with the majority of residents parking vehicles off street for fear of being issued with a fixed penalty.

This gives some doubt if they, the majority, agreed with such enforcement and/or were advised of fees chargeable at £20/£25 a year for the privilege?

The feeling is that the decision was made for political purposes with the location of the Conservative Club nearby, or, being “economical with the truth?”

Aged and disabled members now park elsewhere and have to cross a busy and fast moving thoroughfare to get to the club.

Some time ago the CEO of Sandwell Council was written to seeking advice on the legality of such an enforcement regulation.

Surprise? We’re still awaiting a reply.

Councillor Bob Price repeatedly indicated the club was addressed to the High Street, that being the case. Why is there no access to the club from the High Street?

Vince Evans Rowley Regis