I have read with interest over the past few weeks with regard to the dangers for pedestrians crossing the road to access the wonderful facilities at Halesowen Athletic & Cycling Club.

I note that some opinions are, that the club is in the wrong place. What an absurd narrow-minded argument. I wish to point out that the club was there long before the dual carriageway. I also note that the Abbey was there before this very dangerous road was built.

We should encourage our youngsters to use this facility - it has a wonderful history and I know from personal experience that there are genuine community minded people involved in the club whose only desire is to channel the energies of our young into sport.

Anyone who argues against a safe crossing is wrong and should reconsider; think of the benefits to the wider community if more people take part in sporting activities.

Dudley Council, get your act in order and install a safe crossing.

Martin Lewis