Having just read your article with interest it is abundantly clear that Dudley Council planning department is unfit for purpose.

Councillor Kurshid Ahmed’s proposal to build a site on greenbelt beside one of the most busiest arterial roads is sheer lunacy.

The A456 cannot cope with the current traffic volume as it is. Do they not do their homework before firing of such statements? Halesowen is currently a rat run for HGVs that make their way to the industrial sites in Clapgate Lane. They use Manor Lane, off Manor Way, to gain access from junction 3.

The road was never built to take such heavy traffic. Air quality has been poor in this area since the start of the year causing respiratory problems.

We do not need lunacy thrust on Halesowen. Dudley Council needs to get its act together first before going off on a tin pot idea again.

I am surprised that Cllr Ahmed even knows where Halesowen is as we are always the poor relation for services from Dudley.