MY family and I live on the greenbelt involved in the proposed industrial park and use Lapal Lane South each day to get to Halesowen.

We also use the rights of way. This proposal will directly affect me and my neighbours including the care home in Lapal Lane South. Imagine the problems on the A456 if this goes ahead.

Will there be another set of traffic lights or another island ? It's bad enough already at peak times especially when hedge trimming, grass cutting or roadworks are being undertaken, when traffic backs up passed the motorway island and well along the Expressway.

If the speedway goes ahead, I would hate to live opposite on the other side of the A456 because of the noise and what of the litter?

The best location for an industrial park is on the Birmingham side of the M5 island where there is already an additional island.

For God's sake not in a beautiful location next to the abbey ruins which are a national monument to the short sighted folly of people willing to despoil a beautiful monument in the 16th century.

I think we have their 21st century equivalents in Dudley.

Roy Williams