How is it that Peter Lowe and all his councillors have no sense of shame, let alone guilt, for their odd behaviour?

First, they keep express and local trains off their very own railway line for 50 years. This is the Black Country ICE (inter city express) Line that runs literally alongside commuter congested main roads in places from Stourbridge, past the Waterfront and on to all of our Black Country tourist attractions at Castle Hill.

Next, last December, they announced that they were going to use one track for a shuttle service by a still to be developed Very Light Railcar on one mile of their 13 mile Black Country Line to shuttle passengers to the next inter city express line in their neighbouring borough of Sandwell. Not to run their own smart, sleek ICE trains, mind you but to rely on the next line that crosses theirs one mile down the line in Sandwell.

The second track, for all of one mile, will be a test track for this university-based project. Elsewhere in Dudley is a much more suitable site for the Warwick Manufacturing Group to develop the Very Light Railcar.

However, our dear councillors' stupidity is now capped by their intention to put a speedway stadium on Halesowen's farmland and greenbelt. They don't want our food grown on fertile soil but, instead, even more greenhouse gases from motorbikes racing round in circles to further mess up our climate and threaten, eventually, our very existence.

Can these councillors' abnormal behaviour get anymore weird and wonderful in their work on our behalf?

Will just one councillor resign to disassociate him/herself from these peculiar antics?

Tim Weller

Hunnington Crescent