FOXHUNTING was banned because the vast majority of the British people want this vicious and cruel pastime banned.

The pro-hunt lobby suggests that this is the only way to control the fox population in the countryside.

It begs the question. How many foxes are there, when the various hunts meet once a week when it suits their social calendar, and of course it doesn’t say that they will be successful in finding a fox at all.

David Cameron is once again appeasing his rich and politically powerful circle by agreeing a vote when this matter comes up again.

Why has it in fact come up at all?

A law was passed because a decent anti-cruelty society wanted this barbaric practice outlawed.

How can the pro-hunt lobby say that to throw an animal to trainedkiller baying hounds to be torn apart limb from limb is not cruel? If Mr Cameron does nothing to keep this law and see it enshrined in British history then he is a coward, not fit to rule this country.

Stuart Fox, Halesowen