To anybody who has read the headline on the front of the Halesowen News, September 10, 2015 and seen the artists impression of what is proposed please be concerned about what in fact you are looking at.

The report is that there is a plan for apartments on the site of the old Halesowen Courts’ building which has been demolished.

However, if you compare the artists impression there is no way that the length of buildings shown can be accommodated on the narrow footprint of the old building.

This will of course mean that the whole stretch of land from Laurel Lane down to the river will be earmarked for this development.

This must include demolishing the Halesowen Police Station.

Forget not. When this building goes, there will be no police station in Halesowen and it will be gone forever!

On two occasions I have requested information from the chief constable regarding the future of this building and have been informed 'that there are no current plans for this building'.

That statement is only as valid as it being quoted 'yesterday'. Tomorrow there will be future plans.

There is no doubt that, as with all schemes in the current climate, the chief constable will tell us that cuts have to be made and that capital must be realised from 'under used' buildings.

This so called 'under use' has been engineered by his management and the total responsibility must rest with him.

Now isn't it regrettable that he is in fact about to retire? I trust that he will answer our concerns before he departs.

If you are at all worried about policing in Halesowen and around then please contact your MP and the chief constable of West Midlands Police and make your feelings known.

Stuart Fox Halesowen